It's another episode of Unfiltered! Rachel Sheppard (FI Global Marketing Manager), Mike Suprovici (FI Head of Portfolio Success), and Dustin Betz (FI Content Manager) review startup ideas and pull no punches. Together, they bring decades of startup experience advising hundreds of early-stage companies. In this Unfiltered series, the FI HQ team’s experience come through as raw and #unfiltered feedback on YOUR startup ideas at all stages of development.

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Here is an overview of this #Unfiltered episode’s startup ideas:

  • Boze (Los Angeles): My company Micro Eyewear Inc. is developing eyewear enabled with microscopic vision, to help scientific professionals see at Micro and Nano scale 24/7, as needed on demand. We’re reinventing the microscope into a wearable technology.
  • Joe (Dayton): My software startup, Flourish, uses machine learning to analyze videos for aspiring Youtube personalities and offers suggestions to improve their watchability. This includes comparing audio patterns, physical movements, cuts, etc, versus a database of successful Youtubers.
  • John (Curitiba): My company, Swium, is developing a marketplace to help podcasters to monetize their content. By submitting their media kit, the podcasters will be connected with advertisers. These advertisers can buy ad spots, which is currently a tricky and time-consuming process, and often requires technical proficiency from the advertiser’s end.
  • Oliver (Berlin): My company is developing a platform to help VC analysts search for more dealflow with an algorithm that searches through news sources and public incorporation documents. Through this, we can determine each company’s sector, location, and other vital information for analysts.
  • Ashlyn (Seattle): My startup is building an equity crowdfunding platform for university students, solving the issue of abusive student loans by enabling working professionals to crowdfund student loans. Crowdfunders will be able to conduct due diligence by viewing students’ high school application information.
  • Claudio (San Francisco): My company ( is a food delivery service (think Uber Eats) to help intermittent fasters break their fast in a healthy way, by delivering stomach-friendly meals like juices, fruits, and bone broth. 
  • Kenneth (Gothenburg): CabiBUS is developing a vehicle and modular system for sustainable mobility and parcel delivery with autonomous electric vehicles on-demand, a door to door service to help societies reach the goals for fossil free traffic. Our competitive advantage is a patent for a vehicle with separate passenger cabins, which can be repurposed for parcel deliveries.
  • Brian (Pittsburgh): Martian Technologies designs intelligent control systems for missiles and rockets. We have struggled to secure contracts with the DoD and NASA, and we are considering shifting our business model strictly toward the development of a patent portfolio for intelligence, defense, and space technologies.

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