It's another episode of Unfiltered! Rachel Sheppard (FI Global Marketing Manager), Mike Suprovici (FI Entrepreneur-In-Residence), and Dustin Betz (FI Content Manager) review startup ideas and pull no punches. Together, they have decades of startup experience and have advised hundreds of rising Silicon Valley companies. In this Unfiltered series, hear FI HQ team experience come through as raw and #unfiltered feedback for startup ideas at all stages of development.


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Here is an overview of this #Unfiltered episode’s startup ideas:

  • Paola (Lima): My team and I are developing an education crowdsourcing website platform, allowing SME leaders to take face to face business management related courses, taught by high-level specialists. Our goal is to help SMEs access high-level business education through crowdsourcing, to increase survival chances of their businesses.
  • Ravi (Bangalore): My company Ekayana, focuses on early childhood education to help children in the age group of 3 years to 6 years learn natural sciences through a play-based approach. We enable their natural ability to wonder, question, and learn through thinking and tinkering, based on our research and experience in using stories, role play, and experiments to kindle children's curiosity towards natural phenomena.
  • Yaffa (Jerusalem): My company, Perfect 4 People Shoes, is developing four-dimensional footwear to help adults with hard-to-fit feet slip into the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn.
  • Jay (Detroit): My company, Safewhistle, is developing a 3rd-party anonymous feedback platform to help organizations get more consistent feedback through reporting and transparency. We create a culture of damage prevention, rather than damage control.
  • Nathan (Oostende): My company ZazouGroup is developing an online platform for sports clubs to digitize their administrative departments. Our competitive advantage is that we use existing athletic research to help children choose the right sport and club for them.
  • Marianna (Yerevan): My company, LinguaStorm, is an online language learning and tutoring platform. Currently, we’re developing an AI system which automatically corrects all grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation related mistakes. Thus, everyone can learn at their own pace and improve tone-related difficulties, especially for the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.
  • Andrew (Detroit): My company, Springship, is creating a community of compassion by organizing events and utilizing technology to teach, quantify, and grow empathy. We are addressing the mental health crisis by providing a community and tool for those who suffer with mental illness to grow in their ability to bring themselves into a brighter future.
  • Stacy (Detroit): My company, Young and Ambitious, is developing a tutoring service to help children in grade school (pre K-12th) build confidence and improve their grades. Our competitive advantage is that we incorporate psychological concepts to approach academics, and we begin with the individual before the academics.


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