In this specially live-broadcast podcast episode, Founder Institute CEO Adeo Ressi spoke on to a livestream audience of 650+ attendee entrepreneurs about how startups can plan for coronavirus impacts and the expected economic recessionary period to follow.

9X entrepreneur and startup investor Adeo Ressi encourages founders to be smart, rather than afraid in these unstable times, but to consider substantially changing their financial practices in the short term in order to prepare themselves. While Ressi discusses the many challenges the COVID19 pandemic is causing for businesses globally, he also outlines opportunities that are emerging, as well as strategies for startups to survive in a likely recession.

Adeo Ressi addresses directly:

  • The big unknowns for startups: how long is coronavirus likely to last, and how bad is the COVID-19 impact likely to be?
  • How to survive the stay-at-home mandates, and general considerations for both pre- and post-revenue startup financial management.
  • How and when to ask for the 'Coronavirus Discount' from suppliers and vendors - be generous, and remember to give back.
  • Why an enormous problem is a collective test, and how founders can take the opportunity to examine their impact in the world.
  • Opportunities for improvements and innovation for startups combatting coronavirus directly.
  • and more!

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