On this Scaling Session podcast, you'll hear hiring tips from Maren Kate Donovan, a Silicon Valley Founder Institute Graduate and the Founder of AVRA Talent Partners.

Maren has helped build several startup teams in her career, and in this interview she shares some important lessons on finding talent, keeping talent, and building a well-rounded team.

The interview was conducted by Mike Suprovici (EIR at FI, and the Leader of Grad Support Group).

This podcast is produced by the Founder Institute. We're an idea-stage accelerator that works with solo-entrepreneurs and teams during the earliest stages of their business. In our 3.5 month program, participants build their companies via a structured process, receiving feedback and assistance from successful entrepreneurs and investors. Our alumni join a global network of entrepreneurs and receive ongoing help to get funding and scale. So far, our alumni have raised over $800M in funding, and they're building some of the world's fastest growing companies.

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