In this episode of the Coach Mike series, Mike Suprovici (FI Head of Portfolio Success) is joined by special guest revenue strategist Paul D’Souza and Founder Insights editor Dustin Betz to talk about strategies founders can employ as they navigate unknown futures and uncertain markets. Paul D’Souza has been a leader in growth Startup and Enterprise Sales for more than 20 years, currently self-employed as a Sales Strategy Consultant at the D’Souza Group, and is also a longtime Go-To-Market and Revenue Mentor for the Founder Institute. 

D’Souza has experienced multiple market downturns throughout his career, and observed business leaders whose reactions and choices have served them and their employees both well and poorly in the early stages of economic disruptions. With at least a short economic recession now seemingly inevitable, how can founders not panic, but be smart as they prepare their contingency plans? Mike and guests discuss the strategies startup leaders can use to best prepare themselves now for navigating the choppy waters of unknown market conditions ahead.   

Coach Mike and guest Paul D'Souza answer questions like:

  • How can founders provide stability to potential nervous customers, jittery suppliers, or uneasy employees in the early stages of an economic downturn?
  • How do the best entrepreneurs show up as organizational leaders? How can founders deliver their levelheaded best and grounded mindset to their team's challenges?
  • What are Paul's breathing and physical tactics to bring greater focus to one's daily tasks and attention? 
  • How can founders forecast their company's potential futures for unknown market futures, and plan contingencies for different scenarios?
  • How can companies with supply-side challenges deal with the new manufacturing challenges and supply chain complexities created by the realities of COVID-19?
  • and more! 

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