A job of any entrepreneur is to listen to constant feedback, and as a leader, evaluate the relevancy of that feedback to decide whether and how to take action on it. Feedback of course comes from the individuals around an entrepreneur—teammates, customers, mentors, and advisors—but feedback can also come from roundabout or seemingly random places.

In this eighth episode of the Mindstorm podcast series, Adeo Ressi (Founder Institute CEO) is back with Josh Whiton (Founder of Makesoil). Together, they discuss how startup founders can listen to and interpret the signals that the universe sends their way, and how they decide in their own lives whether these cues should be acted upon. 

They explore topics including:

  • Signs from the universe or cues from the world around us, about what direction or action entrepreneurs and innovators should take
  • Communicating with reality, and creating intention to see universal feedback and use that dialogue to inform decision-making
  • Forces - positive pull towards, and negative push away
  • Feedback mechanisms and an entrepreneur’s job in navigating and interpreting that feedback

A full transcript of this podcast episode is available on our blog: https://fndri.com/Mindstorm8 

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