Mental wellbeing is a common challenge for entrepreneurs to deal with personally, constantly iterating on finding the right work/life balances to maintain their own workflow in a healthy ongoing mental state—but learning to become the type of leader who can fairly and effectively deal with mental health challenges in others around them can be even more challenging.

In our first 2020 episode from the Mindstorm series, Adeo Ressi (Founder Institute CEO) is back with Josh Whiton (Founder of Makesoil). Together, they discuss how startup founders can deal with the mental health challenges that arise not only in their own lives, but in the lives of teammates, employees, partners, customers, and other individuals in their professional lives. 

They explore topics including:

  • How the job of a contemporary founder has now expanded to include reinvigorating collective belief into a team culture
  • Personal experiences dealing with the mental health challenges others in their professional life have faced, including working through challenges with startup teammates and partners
  • How working on one’s own ego as a founder can have positive trickle-down effects throughout an organization, including on the mental health and motivations of teammates

A full transcript of this podcast episode is available on our blog: 

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