In this episode of our Coach Mike series, Mike Suprovici (Founder Institute EIR) is joined by special guest Neil Michie of Verimatrix and Founder Insights editor Dustin Betz. Together, they discuss the different facets of data and cybersecurity that founders should be giving consideration from day 1 building their businesses. 

A full transcript of this podcast episode is available on our blog:

In this episode, Coach Mike and guests answer questions like:

  • How do startups define their security? 
  • What kinds of data are hackers after? 
  • What things can I do from day 1 to protect my startup?
  • What is encryption, where is it used, and why is it important? 
  • Differences between Android and iOS security considerations?
  • and more!

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Exclusive for the Founder Institute community, Neil has graciously offered to extend Verimatrix free trial period for their turnkey mobile app security service, from 14 to 30 days using our special offer code - enter “FOUNDER20” 

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