In this episode of the Coach Mike series, Mike Suprovici (FI Head of Portfolio Success) is joined by special guest serial entrepreneur Bryan Janeczko and Founder Insights editor Dustin Betz to talk about recession-proofing your business. Bryan Janeczko is the Founder of Gro Academy, VC advisor at, and former Director of FI New York (2011-2016). 

Janeczko's first startup NuKitchen (a D2C subscription meal delivery service) was acquired during the Great Recession of 2007-08. With experts predicting a possible new market correction in 2020, and coronavirus already showing signs of slowing global markets, how can founders prepare their businesses for a potential downturn? Mike and guests discuss the preventative steps that founders can take to avoid the costliest negative outcomes of economic recessionary periods. 

Coach Mike and guest Bryan Janeczko answer questions like:

  • What lessons are drawn from the successful founder experiences of the last recession: How did Bryan do it? What happened at NuKitchen between the start of the Great Recession and its acquisition? 
  • What are best practices in planning your business for a potential downturn in 2020 and beyond?
  • What types of products or services tend to fail or succeed more or less during recessions? Predictions of categories that will fail or succeed through this next downturn?  
  • Why impact companies and ethical ventures have greater chances to success during hard financial times.
  • and more! 

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